4Leaf Guide to Vibrant Health
Using the Power of Food to Heal Ourselves and Our Planet

By: J Morris Hicks & Kerry Graff Md
4Leaf Guide


Dit is een boekje waarin op bondige wijze de ins en outs van het 4Leafconcept worden besproken. Wat is het precies en hoe kun je het gebruiken voor jezelf of binnen een praktijksituatie om patiënten te begeleiden. Dr. Graff geeft middels een praktijkvoorbeeld inzicht in de wijze waarop zij dit middel in haar praktijk inzet. Verder komen veel praktische zaken aan bod, hoe ga je om met goedbedoelde kritiek, wat kun je doen binnen een gezinssituatie, antwoorden op de vragen die je kunt verwachten, zoals:"Waar haal je de proteïnen vandaan, je hebt toch olie nodig, krijg je wel voldoende ijzer binnen en hoe zit het met de calcium?"

Persoonlijk vind ik de 4Leaf vragenlijst een snelle en simpele manier om in slechts enkele minuten inzicht te krijgen in het voedingspatroon. Ik ben in de jaren waarin ik mij verdiept heb in voeding en gezondheid nog nooit een vergelijkbare, waardevolle,  tool tegengekomen
Je krijgt een duidelijk beeld van de uitgangssituatie en je hebt daarmee een instrument in handen waarmee je het voedingspatroon zou kunnen verbeteren. De arts en of diëtist ziet waar er mogelijke verbeterpunten liggen en ook de patiënt zal direct kunnen zien waar hij/zij de voeding gezonder kan maken.

Iedere stijging van het 4Leaf niveau (er zijn slechts 4 niveaus) kan direct een positieve invloed hebben op o.a. de bloeddruk, BMI, de insulinegevoeligheid, het energieniveau, de cholesterolwaarden etc.

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While today's medical professionals still promise to uphold the Hippocratic oath, few modern doctors know about-or adhere to-the ancient Greek physician's maxim, "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." But the truth of Hippocrates's words still rings true as current research reveals the healing power of plant-based, whole foods.
Cowritten by a practicing MD and the author of "Healthy Eating, Healthy World," this revolutionary guide to human nutrition fully explains not only "why" we must change what we're eating but also exactly "how" to do it.
Discover how practicing better eating habits can improve your health, as well as actually prevent disease and even reverse its damage-whether it's type II diabetes, cancer, or another type of chronic illness.
"4Leaf Guide to Vibrant Health" doesn't just give you a list of foods to avoid-it helps you plan what you are going to eat, provides you with tips to remember when you're shopping and dining out, and even includes several starter recipes.
Whether you're a physician seeking nutritional advice or an individual simply wanting to improve your own health, this invaluable guide has the tools you need to live vibrantly.



"As a rural south Arkansas family physician, I am attempting to educate my patients on the benefits of a plant-based diet--and this book will be a tremendous help. I particularly enjoyed Dr. Graff’s dialog with her patients and her poignant letter to our fellow doctors."--James Sheppard, MD, family physician, El Dorado, AR

"Using food as medicine must become the foundation of a transformed and sustainable healthcare system, ushering in sustainable human health and a sustainable world. This information-packed guide is just what the doctor ordered--providing a powerful tool that medical professionals can use to confidently prescribe 4Leaf to their patients and clients.”--Susan Benigas, Founder, The Plantrician Project and Executive Director, American College of Lifestyle Medicine

"The big picture consequences of our food choices are not well known, even by beloved and well-meaning physicians. They, their patients and anyone interested in achieving optimal health will benefit from this strikingly comprehensive, yet extraordinarily concise guide."--Anne Ledbetter, EdD, Director of Education, T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies

"By emphasizing the whole-food, plant-based diet as mankind's natural food, the authors of this book have deepened our understanding and our belief. I am convinced that this book will bring closer the day when cancer specialists the world over will wake up and realize that a new, effective treatment against cancer now exists and is ready for use.”--John Kelly, MD, Dublin, Ireland, Author, Stop Feeding Your Cancer

"Such a nicely written and easy-to-follow guide to aid the clinician in educating their patients. This is the result of what can happen when a physician realizes that the most important health information they can pass along to their patients is not yet being taught in medical school." --Ted Crawford, Doctor of Osteopathy, Tucson, Arizona

“As a health and medical specialist, to me the 4Leaf Survey is a highly instructive and practical motivational tool, one I offer daily to most of my patients, from babies just starting solids--to the elderly. In my practice, I wouldn't be without it. The “4Leaf Guide to Vibrant Health” is therefore a must read.”--John Green, MD, family physician, Melbourne, Australia

“In addition to summarizing the primary health and environmental benefits of adopting a whole-food, plant-based diet, Dr. Graff and J. Morris Hicks include motivational case histories, access to valuable support resources and easy-to-understand tips and strategies. This 4Leaf Guide will prove to be a valuable resource on your journey to better health." --John Axelson, PhD, Professor of Psychology, College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, MA

“Simply fabulous. I couldn’t stop reading it until I finished. Loved it.”--Sheryl Greenberg, Founder, Healthy You Network, Tucson, Arizona

“Even though it is not in my economic self-interest, I highly recommend the plan put forth in this amazing book to anyone who is interested in optimizing their own health, the health of our Earth, and the health of all the non-human species who share this beautiful blue and green planet with us. As an Interventional Radiologist who repairs damaged arteries with angioplasty and stents, I personally profit from the havoc that the modern industrial diet plays on our arteries and organs. If everyone were to eat this way, I would be out of a job! Fortunately, I have a lot of hobbies.” Ted D. Barnett, MD, Interventional Radiologist, Rochester, NY

“The thesis of this book is simple—and it provides solid, fact-based reasons for its conclusion: It is imperative for humans to get off the meat, egg and dairy drug. For me, these reasons also alluded to the petals of the four-leaf clover: faith, hope, love and luck. Lucky people will find this book--ethical and wise people will take its message seriously.”--Philip Wollen, Humanitarian Philanthropist, Former General Manager of Citicorp in Australia